Combat for Compassion is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the primary focus of providing financial and emotional support to children that have lost a Veteran guardian due to PTSD suicide.

In the Fall of 2019, a group of Veterans developed the concept for Combat for Compassion in the memory of a "Battle Buddy," who lost his fight after dealing with mental health issues associated with combat related injuries and stress. He was a single father who left behind two small children with limited financial resources. In an effort to help these children, this organization was founded to fill a much needed gap, meeting the needs of families after these tragic losses.

About us

Membership dues are $30.00 annually. We meet once a month to go over logistics, financials, discuss the children, and future fundraising events. All members are welcome to come to the meeting, but are not required to attend.

how much does it cost to become a member for combat for compassion?

We try for 3-5 events per year, but this number varies. Please head to our Events page to see future events.

How many fundraising events per year does combat for compassion do?

When we take a new child, a mutual fund is set up in each of their names. Once a donation is received that money is divided between those accounts and deposited to them to be used for future needs, such as college, emergencies, trauma counseling, and youth camps if chosen to do so. 

Where does my money go after making a donation? 

Combat for Compassion is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3). What this means is 100% of the donations and money raised goes to the children left behind after a Veteran parents suicide. 

How is Combat for Compassion different from ther veteran organizations?

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 We strive to support the future of our   Veteran's Children.


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